The Best Jewels in Copenhagen!

A lot going on right now and sometimes I feel like I am changing outfits constantly.  So I’m happy that I can always rely on my accessories to help me get by.  Jewellery can make such a difference and some of my favourites range from fun, glam and glitzy jewels, to traditional classic and elegant jewels.

For me it’s not about how much my jewellery costs, but about how I feel with it on, what it does for me and my mood and where it can take an outfit.  I love to team up colours and at the same time mix and match a bit too.

Some of my favourite brands are below, they all adjust sizes so that each piece fits perfectly.

Take a look and see why they inspire me.

Claire- LesMiserables

I love Mai Manniche’s range who has

Mai’s jewellery is original, stylish and great for both day and evening. All of the stones are real and of the finest quality and I like the fact that it’s all easy to match up and has an edgy feel to it!  It takes me away from my sometimes conventional “look” and spices my outfits up, which I really like!



Martina Banach who has  has some fantastic vibrant colours to her jewellery line – I love to literally transform something that’s quite plain, into something really glam and glitzy.  You can always find the perfect match and her dynamic trademark jewels also have a spiritual history behind them, giving them an added special feel.



Anita Hall who started   has more than just eye-catching jewellery – From her shop in Store Kongensgade, one can find everything from an amazing belt, to a really beautiful I phone cover and hair tiara.  The prices are really reasonable, meaning, everyone from a student to a pensioner can afford something, which is also great.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 4.54.34 PM


Last, but by no means least, is Christine Hvelplund who has: Although Christine’s jewels are more expensive than the others, they are very special pieces, in that each one is created in it’s own unique way and kept to a minimum.  You won’t find many of the same and all of Christine’s jewels have an elegance and mystery to them, making them very special and beautiful to wear.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 4.58.42 PM


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