Magic oil in a bottle, serum and oxygen. The keys to Amazing skin!


A shot glass filled up with beauty!


I love to try out new products!!  However, when one of my friends asked if I wanted to try MK Organic Oil (basically oils you put in a shot glass and take before your breakfast) – I said No thanks!.  I hate the taste of oils and even though I do try to be healthy – a shot of oil in the morning was not really my thing.  Yet, after another one of my friends mentioned the same oil and how great they thought it was, I started to become a little more curious about it.  Apparently, a combination of the oil and the aronia juice that you mix with the oil, mean’t that you really couldn’t taste the oil and didn’t get that after taste of oil coming up in your mouth, for the rest of the day.  This sounded a little more tempting, so I thought I would give it a shot!!  Nothing to loose and after reading a little more about it, I liked the philosohpy behind it.

Firstly, the taste really is totally ok, even quite nice with the aronia juice, which hides the oil very well and if you like smoothies, put it all in a smoothie and you cannot taste a thing.  I take a shot glass full of MK oil and aronia juice just before I eat my breakfast.  The benefits are huge if taken on a daily basis.  Skin both facially and all over, has a lovely glow and feel to it and if you are prone to a sweet tooth or work out alot, taken right before a workout can give a boost of energy and instead of a chocolate bar, it can help cure the sugary tooth as well.  I would still rather have my chocolate bar:-)  but, in the morning I really do feel good after taking my shot.  Almost as though it starts my day off in the right way.

I met Maybritt the founder of MK Oils after I started trying the products at a Beauty Messe and was really taken away by her skin, which is flawless and glowing.  Along with the fact that Maybritt has an incredibly warm personality and positive aura about her, I loved her reasons for starting the product.   You can tell she is passionate about it and genuinly wants people to feel great from taking it.  Take a look at the website : 



MK Oil

MK Oil


MK Aronia - The juice

MK Aronia – The juice

A photo of Maybritt and her flawless skin!

A photo of Maybritt and her flawless skin!


What is an Oxygen lift?? 

Every since I became the face for Intraceuticals I have had so many people asking me, exactly what it is?  It’s become popular and written about in the media because of, amongst others, ”Madonna” and ”Eva Longoria”, stating that they use it before a big event or before a special occasion.

This is how I would describe it.  An oxygen treatment is where a small pot of extremely powerful serum, is with the aid of oxygen in a machine sprayed on to your face, resulting in a huge amount of moisture being soaked into your skin.  Picture an old apple that is starting to wither and then replace it with a new, fresh juicy and ripe one.  That is the picture that I have in my head.  In my experience and having seen the results on different women, the more wrinkles you have, the better the result, as the serum just soaks in to the skin even more.

Nabila, at La Vida Nabila in Charlottenlund, has a team of experts who carry out the treatment.  There are places all over Copenhagen, but I have to say that I particularly like it at Nabila’s Clinique, because her staff really knows their ”stuff”. Not only is the treatment very relaxing, but I always feel like I come away from it, better informed about my skin and how to treat it, in general.  Another thing I personally love about Nabila’s place, is that she is well know for helping women undergoing chemotherapy and loosing their hair.  She has an amazing ability to help women choose a wig that’s right for them and when ever I go in there, I always find that the atmosphere in the place is very ”heart warming”.  I come away feeling like a new woman!  Check out Nabilla’s site at 

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