This summer has been amazing and for most of us, we love to enjoy the Sun!  I definitely do! BUT, as I have become older I have noticed that I get brown patches, known as pigmentation on my skin and it is unfortunately from the sun.  It’s not good for filming or photos and therefore I did some research on some of the best products on the market, that could tackle even the toughest of these marks.  The absolute best that I can find is a product called “Cosmelan” – It is produced in Barcelona and one can read more about the products here:

I tried “Cosmelan” with Galina who has Body Fokus, a Clinique in Frederiksberg.  Galina is an expert and trained cosmetician with these particular problems and really knows a lot about pigmentation and the skin.  I always do my research with anything to do with the face and am extremely careful about what creams and potions I use on my skin.  Therefore, I looked thoroughly on the net to investigate “Cosmelan”, a wonder cream and how it works.  I found out that it is extremely popular in LA, probably due to its sunny “all year” climate and open top cars.  Many actresses swear by the product and say that it is the best on the market, with getting them ready for a camera or photo shoot.

In my own language and not the technical one you can find from the experts, it works by first having a mask on your face for 8-10 hours depending on your skin type.  Wow! That’s the longest face mask I have ever had and the first thing I had to consider was, when on earth, would I find the time, to have a mask on my face, for 10 hours!!  I found one Sunday where even though I still happened to see a few friends – being the good friends that they are, they thought it was quite funny to have lunch and dinner with my “masked face” and me.  My husband, who after many years is now used to my special little ways, didn’t really think much, other than I am Mad!

Ok, so here is how it works: The mask (Cosmelan 1) which is very strong and stays on the face for about 10 hours, basically removes ever so slightly the very fine top layer of your skin and prepares it for stage two, which is quite a simple and yet disciplined procedure.   Stage two consists of applying a cream called  (Cosmelan 2).  One applies Cosmelan 2 cream, followed by a neutralizing cream (Hydra K), which is applied twice a day, for a period of 6 weeks.  One then continues with the routine, but then, only once a day for 6 months.  Sounds a little complicated, but it’s actually quite simple – You just need to do it!

What I noticed was that after just the first day, my face had a radiance of having been on a summer holiday for two weeks – I looked radiant!  Over the following days, my skin started to peel a little and I had to keep it well moisturized with the Hydra K cream.  After just one week, my skin looked so much better and my pigmentation had almost gone – it never went away completely, but almost.  One of my best friends tried it and it removed every bit of her pigment patches totally.  For me, Cosmelan has been the best and the closest I have ever come to completely removing my pigmentation.  I have never been keen on the idea of Laser on my skin and research now shows, that this form of treatment just pushes the pigmentation under the skin and can even make it worse when it comes back.  I really like the fact that “Cosmelan” is the most natural product on the market in this respect.

So the great news is that it works and very, very Fast!  The bad news is, that if you do go on a summer holiday and spend two weeks without at least a SPF 50, on your face, it will re-appear again.  So what is the compromise?  For me, it is to enjoy my holiday, protect my skin as much as possible and then when I return, re-do the Cosmelan.

I leant a lot with Galina about my skin and also about some of the latest products on the market.  Galina has a new series called “Energy C” which is also wonderful at helping to keep the pigmentation at bay and contains a high concentration of Vitamin C.  It seems like “mesoestetic” has some of the best products on the market and this is due to the fact, that in Spain they have so much sun and are always looking for the best ways to protect ones skin.

For more info see:  

Cosmelan can be applied at:

Frederiksberg – Galina – Body Fokus:

Hellerup – Marianne – Clinique Belnatur:

Before the Cosmelan treatment.  See pigmentation on the skin.

Before the Cosmelan treatment. See pigmentation on the skin.


After the Cosmelan treatment - A huge reduction in the Pigmentation and an overall improvement with the skin.

After the Cosmelan treatment – A huge reduction in the Pigmentation and an overall improvement with the skin.


The Cosmelan products from the brand called: Mesoestetic

The Cosmelan products from the brand called:

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