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Bikini party and Hawaii !!

Off to Hawaii soon – a place I have always dream’t of visiting and going through how many bikini’s I can actually take with me, without needing a separate suitcase in itself.  Some people have asked me – Why so many?  Hmmm – good question, all i can say is, it’s an accumulation over many […]

Fashion Week, Girls and of course Audi!

Fashion week is often a crazy week in Copenhagen with countless shows and a lot of people.  I tend to just choose the shows I’m really interested in seeing, my favourite designers and most importantly have some fun with my girlfriends.

I’m a real girls girl!  Meaning, I really do love all the girly things about being a girl, clothes, make-up, jewellery – you name it AND YET  as far back as I can remember I LOVED to play with CARS!  I’m no expert by any means and actually I could do with a crash course of what to do, if I got stranded in the middle of no where, with a flat tyre, but I appreciate the beauty of a car, the way it drives and the comfort of it inside.

So being picked up in an Audi A6 for the start of fashion week, to go to Mai’s show “Jewls Cph” was a treat. Total luxury, a smooth ride and gorgeous inside!  There were a lot of fantastic shows from Benedicte Utzon, Stasia and Elsa Adams.  Elsa’s dresses made me want to go to the Oscars – in fact, I think if the actresses in LA saw her dresses, they would be lining up for one.  They are pure elegance, sophistication and simply stunning!

After many years of now living in Copenhagen I still think that both the men and women here have much better style than in London – the only difference I would say, is that there is more diversity in London, but in terms of general style – Copenhagen is the Tops.  I’ll never forget when I first moved here, watching the girls with their high heels and dresses on and their little baskets on the front of their bikes.  Of course it was Summer – so I had a great first impression of living here, but seeing that fashion had no limitation on getting from A to B was a refreshing change. However, I think I’d still opt for my Audi picking me up, if I’m here for the Summer Fashion week!


Audi : Girls

Me with the girls, Mayianne Dinnesen and Marianne Giske 

Me wearing one of Elsa’s dresses here and the last photo



Claire + Mai from JewlsCph

Claire + Mai from JewlsCph