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WHAT IS THE ANTI AGING FAIR ABOUT? For those of you who don’t know what this Fair is really about, I’ll try to explain.  It is about everything to do with beauty and how to optimise as much as possible, your knowledge about what you can do in the prevention of ageing and what products […]

Bikini party and Hawaii !!

Off to Hawaii soon – a place I have always dream’t of visiting and going through how many bikini’s I can actually take with me, without needing a separate suitcase in itself.  Some people have asked me – Why so many?  Hmmm – good question, all i can say is, it’s an accumulation over many […]

Magic oil in a bottle, serum and oxygen. The keys to Amazing skin!

  A shot glass filled up with beauty! MK ORGANIC OIL I love to try out new products!!  However, when one of my friends asked if I wanted to try MK Organic Oil (basically oils you put in a shot glass and take before your breakfast) – I said No thanks!.  I hate the taste […]

Belnature – My Favourite Beauty and Relaxation place


Hi everyone – My page here is a little different – yes it’s about me – but I am not going to write every day and update you all, on what I have eaten – No! – This is about the things I am passionate about and just want to share with those of you who may find it interesting – Enjoy!!
Neu Lash – Amazing product on the market!!
My favourite beauty place is Clinique Belnatur in Hellerup – Ok, I am a bit biased as Marianne is one of my best girlfriends – but in fairness, we met through her clinic before we became such great friends and I just loved the place.  From watching the latest episode of Desperate Housewives (whilst having my nails done) or having a cappuccino – it’s a rest I need from the crazy schedule I often have and weirdly saves me time too!  Marianne is always the first to find the latest on the market and sometime ago she introduced me to “Neu lash”.  Today, another one of my friends asked me – Does it really work??
Yes – It really does is the simple answer – honestly it took me about one month to see how long, my lashes had become – some people say 3 weeks – My goodness ! they grew.  Some tips for those of you new to trying the product, that it doesn’t say are:
Use a cotton pad with water after removing your eye make up remover as one often has the residue of your eye make-up, still on the lids – (one of my friends said her eyes went red and this is why) – the eyelid must be clean of make-up and remover.
Also when they get really long and trust me, they will, then stop applying every day and do it only twice a week.  What I will say about Neu lash, is that it really is lovely to have a product that really does what it says it does!!  I can’t speak for any of the other products, like this on the market, as I have never tried them – I haven’t had too – I love this one!
Belnatur is a great place for privacy, relaxing and has a good atmosphere – it’s great for justbeing you – check out their homepage as they do so many different treatments that I love too.  You can also buy it in Matas too.  Go to:


Claire & Marianne & Neu Lash

Claire & Marianne & Neu LashneuLASH_Product_Photos_003JPEG