Boxing – Get in shape fast for Summer!


A lot of people ask me what kind of training I do to keep fit and healthy and I’m always very honest in my answer.  I believe very strongly in “everything in moderation”.  I run 3-4 times a week and I box once a week with Ashira at Welcome fitness in Hellerup.

I have periods where I also try different things, but I always run and I always box regardless of the weather, or how I am feeling.  I don’t always feel like training and Boxing is great in that, it’s my one form of training where some one else other than me, can motivate me.

Boxing is special as you cannot think about other things.  Your mind has to concentrate on the punches you are throwing and it goes fast.   No session is totally the same, which I also like, but one thing that does remain constant is the ”pad session” which is absolutely my favourite part of my boxing hour and below is a clip taken from one of my sessions.  It’s super training for a healthy all over body conditioning, meaning that it trains every part of you.  I’m not a big fan of weights and boxing really tones up the arms fast and with a lean look.  Ashira trains “one on one” or groups of people.  If you want to work hard, have fun and get super fit at the same time, check out his site:

Photo and clips of what to expect at a typical boxing session below:


Pad work session

Pad work session – Photo by Signe Alvarez

Video clips below:


Claire/Ashira Boxing 2

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