For those of you who don’t know what this Fair is really about, I’ll try to explain.  It is about everything to do with beauty and how to optimise as much as possible, your knowledge about what you can do in the prevention of ageing and what products or treatments, are the best out there, in order to help do this.
Experts from all over Scandinavia will be at the fair and be able to guide you, explain and sell you the best products that can help you in the preventing unwanted signs and symptoms and effects of ageing.
What I like about this Fair, is that it is done in a cosy, yet professional way, with some really good people there.  It’s not all about the “sell” and a lot of work has gone in to getting only the top experts in their field to the fair.   You can come with all the questions that you have been carrying around with you and ask all the different experts.   I would recommend taking a look at the program of invited “speakers” and see which ones you would like to listen to and talk with.  But do remember that there are many stands where you can also go up and try products and get a feel of what is right for you.
I’m all in to ” Beauty comes from within” , but I love to try out different creams and potions to see what also helps on the outside too.  One of my favourites is the line of products from “Belnatur” – They have some wonderful creams and treatments that have worked amazingly well for me.  I have tried all sorts of creams since the age of 16 and had a mother that said one of the most important things I could do for my skin and to prevent lines, was to treat if with as much care as possible.  I have a monthly regime of creams from Belnatur which I vary according to my cycle and how stressed or tired my skin is.
That is why I decided that Belnatur was the brand that I wanted to be the Ambassador and “Face” for.
Photo by: Signe Alvarez :
I will be at the Fair on the the Friday 8th November from 12 till 4pm and would be happy to talk to anyone who wants to know more about my experience with the products and why I think they are some of the best on the market.  I discovered the “Belnatur” products after I was introduced to them by Marianne Giske who has “Clinique Belnatur” in Hellerup.  Apart from the fact that I love the clinic so much, the products that are sold here are simply some of the best on the market in Denmark.  Marianne who is the owner, is herself from Norway and has spent most of her life working with beauty, so she has simply taken the best from all over the world and brought them in to her clinique.
Selected Bloggers also has a competition going on where you can win some free tickets to the Fair – but be quick as it runs out in a few days (5th November)  – still time, so do it now!
Hope to see as many of you as possible at the Fair – If you want to look good, be informed with the best information re:anti ageing and meet some great people – then it’s a Fair well worth popping by!
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